Our warehouse is strategically located in Springfield Park, Durban so that we achieve complete distribution and coverage throughout the ethekweni area. We offer short term storage, long term storage, customized warehousing packages, and a complete line of warehousing and distribution functions.

Flexible Warehouse and Storage Options

Our warehouse and storage options for household and commercial goods are flexible to meet your unique demands. We offer both short- and long-term storage with competitive monthly rates. We can pick up your items to be stored, and then arrange for their pickup or delivery when you are ready to retrieve them. Our inventory management system ensures that while your items are stored with us, we know exactly where they are for expedited pickup and delivery.

Secure and Clean Warehouse and Storage Facilities

Our warehouse has state-of-the-art facilities outfitted with fire and theft protection systems, 24-hour surveillance and fully secured premises. Your items will be palletized and safely kept. We also provide open racking for various commercial goods. You can be rest assured that when your goods are in our hands, they will be stored in immaculately kept, secure facilities.


The security of our customer�s goods is of paramount importance to us. We try to ensure minimum handling and make sure that the goods are traceable at any given time. With the latest technology in fleet management and vehicle security devices in place, we are able to track the whereabouts of any vehicle and its cargo at any given time.

Accountability and training, together with security checks on all staff and vehicle monitoring are a few of the steps we take to ensure smooth and efficient movement of our customer�s goods. While no effort is spared to ensure total security, we constantly advise clients to keep all products insured while in transit.